Post Officers

Commander C. Vollmer
Sr. Vice Commander R. Hayduk
Jr. Vice Commander M. Schwarz
Quartermaster M. Lighton
Chaplain D. Moskwa
Adjutant E. Perrman
Advocate N. DeWald
Service Officer  
Trustee 1 Year W. Hartung
Trustee 2 Year A. Kennedy
Trustee 3 Year K. Ruhs


Managers / Committees

Bar Manager R. Hayduk
Hall Manager J. Pierce
Kitchen Manager M. Schwarz
NYS Alcohol Control Officer N. Dewald


Committee Members Position
Advisory Board N. Dewald
  R. Hayduk  
  W. Hartung
  M. Schwarz  
  A. Egy  
Bell Jar M. Schwarz MIC*
Buddy Poppy As required  
Building and Grounds R. Bennett Chairperson
House Committee R. D. Moskwa Chairperson
  R. Bennett  
  N. Dewald  
  M. Lighton  
  R. Hayduk
  J. Pierce  
Kitchen M. Schwarz Chairperson
  L. Bennett (Aux)  
  N. Dewald  
  K. Hartung (Aux)  
  M. Lighton  
  S. Lighton (Aux)  
  C. Redden (Aux)  
  K. Schwarz (Aux)  
  K. Stedman (Aux)  
Life Membership As required  
Membership F. Hartung Chairperson
  A. Egy  
  K. Ruhs  
NYS Lottery M. Lighton MIC*
Publicity J. Pierce Chairperson
  J. Besmer (Aux)  
  K. Hartung (Aux)  
   W. Hartung  
Queen of Hearts M. Lighton Chairperson
  Kerry Hartung (Aux)  
  Kim Hartung (Aux)  
  R. Hartung (Aux)  
  W. Hartung  
  A. Kennedy  

 * MIC (Member In Charge)

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Cpl. Norbert F. Simon
1918– 1944
United States Army
4th Infantry Divison
Rolling Four
(4" Mobile Howitzers)
Omaha Beach  
  Michael Parise
1921– 1943
United States Army
Company A, 20th Infantry
Anti-tank Company, Sicily