Meat Madness (Open to the Public)

Meat Madness is a meat raffle that we perform at the Post on the second Saturday each month (subject to change). Generally there are four(4) different kinds of meats or cuts of meats and each being offered in a 10 pound package. The best way to describe the operation is that there are 8 rounds of offerings and ticket sales. For example, in the first round, tickets will be offered for let's say, the chicken breasts. After all the tickets have been sold to customers that want one for that offering, a winning ticket is drawn. The winner may either collect that winning or we will keep it our cooler until the end of the event. The reminder of tickets are discarded.

Then a second round is started offering a different meat/cut. After the first four(4) rounds are concluded, a 50/50 raffle is conducted. After the 50/50 drawing is completed, then rounds 5,6,7 and 8 are performed the same as the first four(4) rounds.

Meat offerings may vary between different Meat Madness events. Please refer to the flyer that is current for that scheduled event.


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